About game

Meet the most adorable astronaut wearing a cute Pikachu suit! This is a nice fan-made running game where the main character is a speedy spaceman that needs to make his way through numerous levels where a great deal of hardships is waiting for him. He cannot do that without your help, so prepare to show your best skills and reactions and let this guy win the race! And watch your yellow tail – the environment around you is pretty tough, even though it looks so amazing! The events take place in the outer space where numerous platforms are on your way. Like in any classical arcade game, your task is to run forward and bounce on those platforms like a squirrel.
Not only you need to show the miracles of coordination and reaction in order to make your way through the space platforms successfully. Also, you have to gather small cute UFO ships – they will give you scores and boost your performance. Do your best to get them all and you will receive some cool bonuses. Or at least, having a pack of small UFOs is not that bad. Jump from platform to platform and run as fast as you can, have fun in the process, and try not to fall down – the cold and dark cosmic abyss is all around you, astronaut! Remember that you need to look ahead and around you carefully!

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