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Among Us Game, Play Among Us Online

If we would ask you to name the masterpiece of the last time, which game would it be? In case you agree that Among Us is on the list, then we welcome you to enter this amazing section and enjoy the greatest collection of incredible games about the space adventures. The story is rather thrilling and we bet that you will love witnessing and participating in it. Do your best whatever path you are going to take and no matter which destiny is waiting for you in the incredible cosmic thriller of Among Us. Want to learn more? Then continue reading and prepare to play one of the most successful games of the last decade.

Become a part of a real blockbuster

So, Among Us is a marvelous story of a space crew that is preparing the ship for a flight. They are all so busy – there are numerous things to do and check. The ship should handle a very distant and dangerous flight, so the astronauts must be sure – they are safe and the mission will be successful. However, at some moment, they realize that something goes wrong. Terribly wrong. Just a second ago, they repaired and check everything and tings were on order. But right now they are out of service and the ship is not going to work properly this way! What a strange event. Even though out heroes have skills and knowledge to fix that, something strange definitely appears in the air. Very soon, things become even worse – the comrades from the team are found dead on the board. The tragedies repeat and it becomes clear that the team includes a betrayer, because the ship is isolated and only the crew members have access to it.

The Among Us amusing playing process

The game will divide all players (4-10) into two parts. There will be impostors and astronauts, each having his/her own mission to accomplish. Your further action will heavily depend on the role you play, be it a good or a bad guy. As an astronaut, you are expected to deal with the problems around the ship, fix the bugs, and what is the most important – keep yourself alive if you can! The impostor is somewhere near and you have no idea, who is it. Be careful and suspect anyone – you cannot trust people around you, because you don’t know which of your steps will become the last one after you meet a betrayer. As an impostor, you will have to implement the opposite plan in life. God only knows why you are against this space mission – maybe, you are just a rebel, or maybe you are against space investigations in a nutshell. But you want to break the mission and therefore – spoil the ship equipment and even kill your former comrades. Do your best to stop the astronauts from doing what they want, interfere, sabotage, and find the most comfortable moments to meet them all alone in rooms and corridors. Such moments are perfect to tear them into pieces or stab them with sharp blades. The game will decide your role automatically, so you cannot choose which side to take. However, no matter which destiny is waiting for you in Among Us, you will have fun. Here, you will find all the existing parts and updated, plus mods and cheats. Come back for more if you want to be the first one to check updates and new features! Have fun in the outer space and try to survive no matter which role you are going to play!

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