About game

Another great game inspired by Among Us is at your disposal! It is called Single Player because… guess what? Yes, you will play it solo. And this game is perfect for everyone who always loved to become an impostor in the original game, crush everything and attack the astronauts at the right moments. You will become an impostor and do everything such guys usually do – kill others, break the ship inventory, sabotage the work processes, and so on, and so on. If you are a real fan of destruction and an adept of chaos, you just cannot miss this incredible fan-made installation.
The game allows you to do everything and act as violently as you can. You can crush and break everything you can see around you, just make sure that you don’t get noticed by the other characters. They are astronauts seeking for the source of all their problems and, as you know, this source is you. In case they will catch you, this will be your end – the astronauts will throw you away from the spaceship and you will die. Do your best and stay covered – prevent the ship from being fixed in any way and make this mission never happen. Find the best moments to stab the astronauts with a knife until you kill them all and enjoy being the best betrayer and destroyer ever. Being a bad guy is fun!

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