About game

Do you think astronauts are standing against the impostors and repairing the ships all the time? Well, you are partly right. They have more interesting things to do. For example, our sweet astronauts like running in a group and overcoming numerous challenging levels! Are you in? Then try this collective runner Among Us Space Rush, which is absolutely perfect for the team game. Call your buddies and let the massive running holiday start!
Another fan-made runner that opens up a new way of playing Among Us is at your disposal. In this game, there are impostors, voting, suspicions, and other creepy stuff. Instead, this is a light a nice game where you and other astronauts are running forward and helping each other. You don’t need to oppose the enemies, but your duty is to take care of your friends – some of them might have troubles on the way, so make sure to support them. You need to run forward, jump on the platforms and over the obstacles, jump even higher to deal with more complicated and larger obstacles, and also – collect the golden coins you will find on your way. Enjoy the game, interact with your buddies – other runners – and have fun! This is one of the most exciting runners you have ever seen, especially considering the fact that you are not playing it alone, but in a warm company! Save more astronauts and make your team grow! The game is free to play online, so do it now! Just press the Play button and find yourself in the outer space surrounded by a crowd of comrades that will become larger.

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