About game

Is there something better than two marvelous games combined in one? Guess, not! Especially, if you are a fan of both – Among Us and Minecraft. Two universes will mix up to provide you with an incredible playing experience. This entertainment is a Minecraft game with an Among Us map, which means that the exclusive cocktail is waiting for you here. The developers were inspired by a famous thrilling game about the crew of astronauts and betrayers in the outer space and now transfer this blockbuster to the Minecraft universe. Are you ready for something as cool as this? Well, here you go then!
The main feature of this game – you can add all Among Us maps to the game and enjoy them all in the Minecraft style. The crafting will change – Among Us styled objects and characters are waiting for you here. There are also numerous cool skins, including three and even four-dimensional ones. The maps as well as the game itself are absolutely free and super-amusing. What is more, the game regularly updated, which ensures new content added all the time – we guarantee that you will never get bored! Something really amazing is waiting for you this time. The old plot on the new map – can you believe it? So, the peculiarities of the gameplay stay the same as you remember them – you and other players in a team of 4-10 are going to cooperate and collide in a bloody mess at the same time, depending on the camps you belong to. The best thing – you have no idea who your co-players are. They may all behave the same way, even those that are impostors. What is more, the impostors will eagerly pretend to be one of the astronauts – even though they sabotage the cosmic flight, they are not inspired by the idea of being thrown out of the window to the outer space.
As you have already understood, the game is an opposition between the impostors and astronauts and only one of these teams will win. The outcome of the game depends on two factors – the accuracy and speed of the impostors that need to act silently without being noticed and suspected; and the investigative skills and attention of the astronauts that are expected to guess which team member doesn’t belong to their team due to his/her violent plans and nasty ideas. You will play one of these roles, depending on the automatic decision of the game. In addition to a thrilling gameplay, there are other cool features like skins, hats, pets, maps, and numerous other items that will make your game brighter and more engaging, while you character will become more personalized and cool.

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