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If you are a fan of fresh and the most popular games, then we bet you have already played Among Us or at least – heard about this absolute masterpiece. On this page, you are welcome to play Among Us online and enjoy the great scenario, what is more – to be the author of that story. So, you are going to find yourself on the board of a spaceship flying somewhere far away to the galaxy, where new planets are waiting the astronauts and researchers. However, as it turns to be, not all of the crew members are willing to discover and work for science – there are creepy guys around them. They are called impostors and they are here to kill.
The game has a format of well-known mafia card game, where the participants are not aware of the roles of the rest. You are the only one to know who you are – a good or a bad guy – and the other can only suspect or suggest you to be someone concrete. So, this one is a digital version of mafia, but significantly more interesting and multi-layered. The game allows you to immerse yourself into the very energetic and atmosphere of never-ending suspense, where you have no idea what to expect from your comrades and each of them can appear to be a betrayer and kill you. You cannot choose the role in the game – you will be informed which is your task when it starts. The game prescribes roles anonymously and your further tasks and aims depend on that heavily.
So, let’s say, you are informed that you play for an astronaut. They usually have various obligations and duties. Some of them are engineers, the others – mechanics, still others track the order on ship, and more. As one of this creative crew, you will have to do numerous things to serve the ship and make it function properly. If you are lucky enough to become an impostor, then you just have to mimic that you are working, but in reality, you will sabotage the ship and everything around you. What does it mean? Crush, smash, do nasty things, and the most important – your central task is to kill the astronauts one by one, without uncovering yourself. If they will find out that you are an impostor, then you will be thrown out of the window into the cold and deadly outer space. After every incident with a murder, players will gather around the dead body and arrange the voting. Each of you have the right to vote for anyone, even for yourself. Play the game now and see everything with your own eyes! Have fun and enjoy the free version of Among Us online right on this page.

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