About game

When some game becomes really popular, numerous side-projects and fan-made titles appear on the web. We know that you are reading this page because you must be a real fan of Among Us, searching for something brand new, still connected with your favorite game. Well, we have something really astonishing to present. This is the game that will definitely blow your mind – Among Us the Impostor game. As you have already guessed, you will play for one of the betrayers that dared to stand against the noble astronauts. It seems that they are not very happy about that fact, so you are in a trouble, friend. If you thought that Among Us can be a thriller with opposing teams of characters, now you are welcome to try something absolutely marvelous and different from the gameplay you are used to. Run for your life and have fun on your way! But be careful – this is going to be a tricky and hard trip to make.
The game is a runner where the main character is an impostor trying to get away from the chasers. It seems like our hero has did a number of nasty things. Maybe, he has ruined the ship and killed a couple of astronauts? Could be, because impostors do exactly this. So, after being a really bad guy, he must run as fast as he can, because the astronauts are about to get him and throw out of the rocket. He has fifteen levels to pass through and all of them are packed with obstacles. But there are prizes, as well – each stage has three hidden stars and your task is not only to pass the routes of challenges, but also get all the stars. Have fun in this fan-made cool game! We bet that you will like a brand new and different setting, where you have to run and jump actively, follow the required route and make your way to win the game! Ready? Steady, go!

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